Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Beginning

My name is Tyler Miller and I am from Santa Cruz, CA. I am an Olympic weightlifter and I compete for Santa Cruz Strength under Coach Kyle Haynes. I am 22 years old and the point of this blog is for myself, as well as, others to track my progress in the sport of weightlifting. I also intend to use it to look back on down the road. My first competition was the 2012 Veterans Day Open in San Francisco, CA. I would like to say I did fairly well, considering I went 6 for 6, making all attempts. The problem is this: I am no where near the weightlifter I want to be in the future. I understand this is a long journey that will take time, patience, and will to get through the tough times; but the dissatisfaction of my current abilities is what will pushes me. I wont be satisfied till my goals are met...and trust me, the goals are bigger than anything you could believe as "realistic".

I have a phenomenal support group in my coaches, teammates, family, and fian...girlfriend ;). I couldn't be happier with the situation I am in for this sport. The hand I was dealt for this couldn't be better and that is why I am in no way overwhelmed by the goals I have set forth. My motivation has recently hit an all time high, and I am ready to see what is possible and test the limits of what people say is impossible. I will not be content with mediocrity, although this is a new feeling for me. I was always ok with being ONE of the best in my previous sports(football, powerlifting), this is no longer the case. Coming form a powerlifting background was hard. The movements, the fexibility, and the mentality was a flipped switch...and still continues to be, but I never have and never will expect this to be easy. Im ready for the challenge and for all the criticism that comes along. Get ready to see much more of me in the near future...I might just surprise a few of you.

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