Friday, December 14, 2012

New Plans

With the new year coming around and me still being a low experience weightlifter, I took some time to figure out what goals I have over the next year and even for the far future after that. Its always good for me to figure out plans for these goals and ways to achieve them in the most efficient way possible. First, I started with what weaknesses I feel are holding me back currently:
1) Flexibility. Ive already broken some barriers in this aspect so I know for a fact good flexibility is attainable for me. Seeing as I couldnt overhead squat day 1, progress has been made. I will fix this problem by seeing our massage therapist more regularly, focusing on my mobility throughout my shoulders, hips, and ankles, and finally, being patient with what works and what does not.

2) Technique. Technique is uhhhh....getting there. Lets just say Im glad I had some sort of strength sport background before I started. Im a very visual learner so I constantly like to watch good weightlifters train. During training i often stop what Im doing to watch ANYONE lift. This is not a stare them down and insult them with looks kind of thing. I do this because along with the physical reps I take, the visual reps I see help me to understand the movement. Jocelyn has been key in this because she will tell you if reps feel good or bad for her. This is a phenomenal thing for my learning as I can see what an amazing weighlifter moves like and how she feels about it. Along with this, I will watch youtube videos all night of Dmitry Klokov, Stefan Botev, Jon North and anyone else I can find. Again, constantly seeing the movement helps me visualize before my attempts.

3) Mentality. My views on the difficulty of weightlifting Immediately changed after I realized how much mentality plays a roll. With the success that I want, the focus is coming naturally and I can motivate myself to do anything in my program. This is the weakness of mine that is actually starting to turn the corner and become a strength. Between attempts Ive learned to sit down, calm my breathing and focus. In the middle of this I will all of a sudden feel ready. I dont know where this comes from and I cant time the feeling but since learning this key Ive made every attempt. If I dont feel this "wave" of ready then past attempts tell me I better pull harder...I will get this under control very soon.

Lastly, and I wont even give it a number, because its pathetic....Im too fat. I need to get down to the weight I want to compete at as soon as possible and maybe even lower for me to fit carbs into my diet regularly. Im about 10-15 lbs over what I want so it wont be a long process. Ive chosen to do paleo diet for this with one cheat meal(post workout) a week. Done this before. Time to get lean and actually look like I train....

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  1. Ok but whatever you do don't just quit and become anorexic.

    But really I'm stoked for your future Tyler. You are on the right track and have made awesome strides in such a short amount of time because you are focused and determined. Gonna be a beast!